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Wild Pacific Northwest sockeye salmon, hot-smoked to perfection in our Nanaimo smokehouses. Select options

The Cannery & Smokehouse

We love what we do: helping sport fishermen and seafood lovers with their gourmet seafood needs. Whether you need to smoke or can your prized catch from a west coast fishing holiday or you need the perfect culinary gift from our online store, St. Jean's Cannery & Smokehouse is here to help. Our smoked & canned seafood is unmatched!

Did you know that we are the largest cannery serving the B.C. sportfishing industry and that we still hand-pack our cans? Find out more here!

Family Spirit

St. Jean's Cannery began operating in Nanaimo, B.C. in 1961. Formed by Quebec native (and former professional wrestler!) Armand St. Jean, the business is now operated by his son Gerard, working alongside his brother Paul. Gerard's son Dave has come aboard to stretch the family business connection across three generations.

Armand's wife Betty--at 93 years young!--still stops by the cannery on a regular basis to deliver home-baked goods and the latest Sudoku games (Gerard's favourite!) from the local newspaper.

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St. Jean's Smoked Oysters, our top selling product!

  • We use only Vancouver Island bred Pacific oysters, smoked with natural local hardwood and hand-packed into 70g cans
  • Oysters are an excellent source of zinc, iron, calcium, and selenium, as well as Vitamin A and Vitamin B12.
  • St. Jean’s Cannery & Smokehouse is the only processing plant in Western Canada canning smoked oysters.
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