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Gift Tin | Smokehouse Selections

Smokehouse Selections Includes:2x Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon | 150g 2x Smoked Wild Pink Salmon | 150g 1x Smoked Albacore Tuna | 150g

Small Wooden Gift Box (Whale)

Gorgeous gift box stuffed with smoked salmon retort pouch. Choose between single & double salmon pouches.
The Classic Assortment

Small Assortment | The Classic

Class is in session! Antipasto, salmon paté, smoked oysters, and canned sockeye.

Gift Tin | The Five Star

The Five Star medium gift tin includes:1x Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon | 150g 1x Smoked Wild Pink Salmon | 150g 1x Wild Sockeye Salmon | 150g 1x Albacore Tuna (No Salt) | 150g 1x Albacore Tuna | 150g
Pacific smoked oytsers
3 Pack (Value)
Case of 12 (Best Value)

Pacific Smoked Oysters

Rated 5.00 out of 5
Succulent plump Pacific oysters, smoked to perfection--and the product that St. Jean's was built on!
Wild Smoked Salmon on Racks

Hot Smoked Wild Salmon (Frozen)

$18.95 Per Lb
Wild West Coast salmon with a rich & smoky flavour--from our smokehouse to your house.
Sold out
Candied Wild Salmon Nuggets on lettuce

Candied Wild Salmon Nuggets (Frozen)

$33.95 Per Lb
NOTE: This is a frozen product and ships separately from ‘Dry Products’. Shipping charges include frozen gel packs, packaging and
Albacore Tuna lox

Albacore Tuna | Presliced Lox 113g (Frozen)

$9.95 Each
Albacore Tuna Lox St. Jean’s cold-smoked wild Albacore tuna lox is a moist and richly flavoured delicacy that is usually sliced