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Sport Fishermen


St. Jean’s has been processing sport-caught salmon, ground fish and tuna for lodges, charters, and individual fishermen for over 50 years.

We have learned a thing or two over those years about preparing great fish, and our customers consistently rave about the quality of our products.

Important Notes for Sport Fishermen

Tuna: We are only accepting tuna frozen in-the-round or head-off/guts-out; we can’t accept loins. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Salmon: due to incoming sport fish volumes, all fresh salmon dropped off for sport fish processing must be cleaned (guts out). Whole salmon (cleaned), sides, and fillets are all acceptable for drop off.

Thank you for your understanding and support!

Canning keeps your fish at a high quality for at least five years. Perfect for any sports fishermen who want to fill up their cupboards! Choose to have the skin and bones left in (traditional style) or removed. For a special treat, we can smoke your fish in our smokehouses prior to canning.

Unlike many commercial canneries, we don’t add extra oil or water; we only add a pinch of sea salt. As well, we remain dedicated to hand-packing our canned seafood, ensuring the quality of each can is checked by our staff.

We love the classic taste of smoked salmon and tuna. Your fish will be smoked in our own smokehouses with natural hardwood smoke. (No chemical preservatives or liquid smoke here; we take the time to do it right.)

Choose from our hot-smoked, cold-smoked (lox style), and candied honey-glazed options.

Do you want your fish ready for the grill or in perfect portions?

Our cutting line staff can carefully portion your fish into fillets or steaks (approximately one-pound each) before they are vacuum-packed and frozen.

PS: Our Raincoast Marinade can infuse wonderful flavours into your fish!

Yes! We know that successfully processing sport fish takes more than a great recipe. It also takes a sophisticated tracking system to ensure that the fish you bring in is the fish you get back. Your fish is assigned a unique number when it enters our processing plant, and it stays with the fish through each step of the process. This, combined with detailed documentation at each point in the production process, enables us to guarantee that your fish will be returned to you: “The one that didn’t get away!”

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St. Jean’s gourmet recipes transform your catch into a truly remarkable taste experience–our smokehouses and cannery are waiting for you, so bring us your fish, and we’ll do the rest!

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About St Jean’s

St. Jean's Cannery & Smokehouse is a gourmet seafood producer & retailer and the largest cannery serving the sport fishing industry in BC.


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