2017 Sport Processing Rates

Due to incoming sport fish volumes, all fresh salmon dropped off for sport fish processing must be cleaned (guts out). Whole salmon (cleaned), sides, and fillets are all acceptable for drop off. Thank you for your understanding and support!

You’ve come away from your fishing trip with an amazing catch–now what?

Sport Processing Rates | St. Jean's CanneryWe feature a number of ways to turn your fish into a gourmet delight and our sophisticated tracking system ensures that the fish you send in is the fish you get back.

(Click on the following links to see retail examples of each process.)

Our custom canned salmon and tuna are hand-packed, contain no added oil or water, and are ready to eat out of the can. They’re also perfect to share with friends and family.

For a delicious delicacy, have your fish hot-smoked, cold-smoked, or candied (smoked and honey-glazed). We only use natural hardwood smoke in our smokehouses; we do not use liquid smoke or chemical preservatives.

Do you want your fish ready for your home barbecue or grill? We can portion your fish into fillets or steaks.

Our sport processing rates are below (shipping charges are extra). Please contact us if you have any questions.

Salmon Canning

Tuna Canning

Regular Canning
Smoked & Canned
Skinless / Boneless

2.10 Per Can
2.75 Per Can
add 0.25 Per Can

Regular Canning
Smoked & Canned

2.30 Per Can
2.95 Per Can

Hot-Smoked Salmon

Hot-Smoked Tuna

Westcoast Hot Smoked
Peppercorn Hot Smoked
Cajun Hot Smoked

3.05 Per Lb
3.45 Per Lb
3.45 Per Lb

West Coast Hot Smoked

3.25 Per Lb

Candied Salmon

Candied Tuna

Honey Glazed Strips
Peppercorn Honey Glazed

3.95 Per Lb
4.15 Per Lb

Honey Glazed

3.95 Per Lb

Salmon Lox (Cold Smoked)

Tuna Lox (Cold Smoked)

Lox Pieces
Pre Sliced Lox

3.25 Per Lb
4.75 Per Lb

Lox Pieces
Pre Sliced Lox

3.75 Per Lb
4.75 Per Lb

Salmon Steaking & Filleting

Tuna Filleting


2.25 Per Lb
2.25 Per Lb

Loins / Fillets

2.40 Per Lb

  • 10-pound minimum of fish required per process.
  • add 0.75 /pound to vacuum pack pieces less than 1 pound.
  • Sliced lox processing requires whole fish, sides, or larger fillets.
  • Sport processing rates subject to change.