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Candied Steelhead Salmon

$9.95 4 oz
Sweet, smoky, delicious: Candied B.C. Steelhead Salmon.
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Wild Salmon Fillets

Wild Sockeye Salmon Fillets

$19.00 Per Lb
Awesome wild sockeye salmon fillets - no doubt about it!Is the BBQ ready? Is your chef's hat on? When it's seafood time, make St. Jean's Wild Pacific Sockeye Salmon filletsthe highlight of your next meal!
Albacore Tuna lox

Albacore Tuna | Presliced Lox 113g (Frozen)

$9.95 Each
Albacore Tuna Lox St. Jean’s cold-smoked wild Albacore tuna lox is a moist and richly flavoured delicacy that is usually sliced

Cedar Grilling Planks

Add the flavour of smoked cedar to your grilled or barbecued salmon fillets with our cedar planks.
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Black Cod (Frozen)

Rated 5.00 out of 5
$8.95$33.95 4oz / 33.95 per lb

Halibut (Frozen)

$9.95$26.95 4oz / 28.95 per lb
Pacific Halibut: one of the west coast's finest food fish.
Candied Wild Salmon on cutting board

Candied Salmon 1/2 Lb Bag

$12.95 each
In this case, we want you to tear a strip off us. You’ll be glad you did!

Peppercorn Candied Salmon 1/2 Lb Bag

$12.95 each
No peppercorn-y jokes here; these candied salmon strips mean delicious business.
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Candied Wild Salmon with peppercorn on lettuce

Peppercorn Candied Wild Salmon Nuggets (Frozen)

$33.95 Per Lb
NOTE: This is a frozen product and ships separately from ‘Dry Products’. Shipping charges include frozen gel packs, packaging and