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Cedar Grilling Planks

Add the flavour of smoked cedar to your grilled or barbecued salmon fillets with our cedar planks.
Wild Salmon Lox

Wild Salmon | Presliced Lox (Frozen)

St. Jean’s cold-smoked sockeye salmon–also known as lox–is a moist and richly flavoured delicacy that is usually sliced thin before serving. Lox served on bagels with cream cheese is a classic North American dish! We fillet the fish before smoking it in our hi-tech smokehouse. Delicious!

Halibut (Frozen)

Pacific Halibut: one of the west coast's finest food fish.
Albacore Tuna lox

Albacore Tuna | Presliced Lox 113g (Frozen)

$9.95 Each
Albacore Tuna Lox St. Jean’s cold-smoked wild Albacore tuna lox is a moist and richly flavoured delicacy that is usually sliced

Candied Steelhead Salmon

$9.95 4 oz
Sweet, smoky, delicious: Candied B.C. Steelhead Salmon.

Peppercorn Candied Salmon 1/2 Lb Bag

$12.95 each
No peppercorn-y jokes here; these candied salmon strips mean delicious business.
Candied Wild Salmon on cutting board

Candied Salmon 1/2 Lb Bag

$12.95 each
In this case, we want you to tear a strip off us. You’ll be glad you did!
Candied Albacore Tuna strips on plate

Candied Albacore Tuna (Frozen)

$14.95 227 grams
St. Jean’s Candied Honey Glazed Smoked Wild Albacore Tuna Strips are a true delicacy. We start by cutting wild tuna into thin strips, cure them in our special brine, glaze with western Canadian honey, and finally infuse them with a rich smoky flavour in our all-natural hardwood smokehouses. Bliss!
Wild Smoked Salmon on Racks

Hot Smoked Wild Salmon (Frozen)

$18.95 Per Lb
Wild West Coast salmon with a rich & smoky flavour--from our smokehouse to your house.