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Small Assortment | The Classic

Class is in session! Antipasto, salmon paté, smoked oysters, and canned sockeye.

Small Assortment | Seafood Craving

Are you a craver? Try our sardines!

Small Assortment | Seaside Sampler

Smoked oysters with two varieties of sockeye salmon and albacore tuna! Dive in!

Medium Assortment | Ocean Treasures

You've found the treasure: our mix of clam chowder, smoked oysters (& oyster soup), and two varieties of salmon and tuna! 

Medium Assortment | The Weekender

Everybody's hungry for the weekend! This seafood mix includes two types of sardines and three types seafood paté!

Medium Assortment | All of the Best

Antipasto, red pepper jelly, smoked oysters, salmon, and tuna! You wanted the best?