Wondering about the progress of your St. Jean’s sport fish order?

If you have a sport fish order with us, please fill out the contact form below if you have a question about your order. Our sport fish staff will respond promptly via e-mail or phone.

The most common questions we receive are about the shipping of frozen seafood. Once your frozen order is complete, we will contact you to arrange a delivery date and confirm the delivery address. We will never ship any frozen orders without making these arrangements, so you do not need to worry about frozen fish arriving on an unexpected day.

If we cannot reach you for any reason, we will hold your frozen orders in our freezer until contact can be made.

For the form below, please ensure that you include the full name that is written on the processing receipt as well as the Master Number (the red six-digit number in the upper-right corner of your processing receipt). Our staff can find the status of your order and answer questions much more quickly with this information.

Processing Receipt - Order Inquiry

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