Canned Wild Smoked Salmon

Stock up your kitchen with canned seafood to ensure a quality source of protein.

After crafting gourmet wild seafood products for sport fishers and seafood fans for more than 60 years, we had a ‘Eureka!’ moment: our pets deserve the outstanding flavour and nutrition from wild seafood, too!

This notion gave birth to Healthy Shores, the new pet food division of St. Jean’s Cannery. Just like the seafood for our human friends, the seafood ingredients for our pets are locally-sourced, Ocean Wise-recommended for sustainability, and traceable back to the fisher who caught them.

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St. Jean’s online and retail stores feature the very best wild smoked salmon, candied salmon, albacore tuna, smoked oysters, and hand-packed canned seafood on the the west coast.

Smoking and canning since 1961

While St. Jean’s Cannery & Smokehouse in Nanaimo, B.C. is widely known for producing Pacific seafood for more than 50 years, its story as a family business starts back in eastern Canada, pre-World War I.

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150 g Canned Wild Sockeye Salmon

Canned Wild Sockeye Salmon | 150g

Case of 12 (Best Value)
Canned Albacore Tuna 150g

Canned Albacore Tuna | 150g

Case of 12 (Best Value)
Smoked Salt Spring Island Mussels

Smoked Salt Spring Island Mussels

Case of 12 (Best Value)

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