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Gift Basket | Captain

Rated 5.00 out of 5
When it comes to navigating the sea, always trust the Captain.

Gift Basket | King Neptune

Gift basket royalty. It's all in here.

Gift Basket | Coastal

Need to fall in love with the Pacific Ocean? This gift basket will do the trick.

Gift Basket | The Islander

Your search for the best in west coast flavours ends here.

BC Delight | Gift Basket

Everything from albacore tuna antipasto to shrimp pate? I have seen Delight!

Gift Basket | Seven Seas

Why sail the world to find seafood this good? It's right here.

Gift Basket | Niko’s

Great seafood and a bottle of Niko's Original Marinade & Dipping Sauce - made on Vancouver Island!

Gift Basket | Treasure Chest

Unlock the gold-standard of fine flavour with the Treasure Chest gift basket! Hungry pirates will be excited to dig into: Canned