Due to increased carrier volume this holiday season and the resources required to prepare our gift baskets, we cannot guarantee that gift basket orders placed after December 3rd, 2020 will arrive before Christmas. 

We expect that all other seafood and gift product orders will be received by Christmas if placed by December 11 (Canada & US). Orders placed after that date will be shipped as quickly as possible.

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Gift Basket | Captain

When it comes to navigating the sea, always trust the Captain.

Gift Basket | King Neptune

Gift basket royalty. It's all in here.

Gift Basket | Coastal

Need to fall in love with the Pacific Ocean? This gift basket will do the trick.

Gift Basket | The Islander

Your search for the best in west coast flavours ends here.

BC Delight | Gift Basket

Everything from albacore tuna antipasto to shrimp pate? I have seen Delight!

Gift Basket | Seven Seas

Why sail the world to find seafood this good? It's right here.
Treasure Chest Basket

Gift Basket | Treasure Chest

Unlock the gold-standard of fine flavour with the Treasure Chest gift basket! Hungry pirates will be excited to dig into: Canned